Everything You Need to Know About Probiotics

Probiotics are nothing but beneficial bacteria that helps with digestion and improves one’s overall gastrointestinal health. The human’s body is full of bacteria that are either good or bad for our health. No one associates anything good with the word bacteria. We often think of it as something that’s bad for our health. In reality, there are different types of bacteria. The good bacteria and the bad bacteria. In this post, we will be focusing on the good bacteria – probiotics. Probiotics are termed as useful or helpful bacteria that keeps the intestinal tract in order, boosts our immune system, and provider of a lot more health benefits. Probiotics helps us fight against digestive problems and are mostly found in fermented foods like yogurt. They can also be found in supplement form; hence, probiotic supplement.

How Do Probiotics Function in the Body?

Numerous research and clinical studies have shown the great benefits that we derive from our use of probiotics. How probiotics function in the body is well documented. For example, when someone is sick, they may be prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics do not discriminate against good or bad bacteria. They just maul any bacteria in your body. When antibacterial kills the good bacteria, we need to replenish the good bacteria by taking probiotic supplements. Additionally, probiotics act as a balancing element that maintains the number of good bacteria against bad bacteria in the human body; this is essential for life as the human body contains trillions of bacteria.

Probiotic Sources

Probiotics are readily available via natural food or artificially made supplements. Probiotics supplements are readily available on the internet or your local food store. You can buy one according to your taste and physician’s prescription. Women during pregnancy are suggested by their doctors to make use of supplements for the better health and growth of their baby.

You will often get probiotics from dairy products like yogurt, milk, milkshakes or milk products. Probiotics mean having some beneficial lactic acid bacteria and these can only be found in fermented foods like in pickled vegetables, soy products, miso, kefir, and kimchi, etc.

Probiotics are available in different shapes and forms. In supplement stores, you will find probiotics that have been compressed into a tablet or in the form of a capsule. Some probiotic supplements are not effective as they die before reaching the gut. For this reason, you must ensure you’re buying probiotics that are shelf stable and are able to withstand stomach acids.

Types of Probiotics

Live microorganisms are categorized on their benefits and group types. You should always ask your doctors before supplementing or introducing probiotics in your diets Below are the two of the most popular probiotic types.


This form of probiotics is great for those who have problems digesting food and are constipated. They are also very beneficial to those who can’t digest lactose or other dairy products. It’s the most common and readily available type of probiotics. You will usually find one by browsing through your favorite online store or local grocery store. If you do not want to go the supplement route, be aware that probiotics in other forms may not be as effective. They may not be able to bypass the potent stomach acids that eventually kills them off. A good natural probiotic source is yogurt and fermented products.


Bifidobacterium is used to cure irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and usually found in dairy products like yogurt, milk, and dairy associated products. A particular type of yeast is found in probiotics which assist the immune system to get stronger and fought with certain germs attacks like the fight against diarrhea and many other digestive problems.

How to Safely Take Probiotics

Food experts and nutritionists alike suggest their patients take probiotics in food rather than in the form of supplement. A person who is in dire need of good bacteria are usually recommended probiotics supplements. It is important that you are in communication with your healthcare provider about the type of probiotics to take. Taking the wrong type of probiotics may lead to serious but non-life threatening side effects. If you’re sick, it is generally not recommended to take probiotics. The reason for this is because your immune system can’t digest heavy products. Taking probiotics when sick may result in throw-ups, diarrhea, gastric and stomach problems.

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are a live microorganism that you find in fragmented foods or health supplements. Imbalance or balanced number of bacteria are directly connected to our health. In other words, if you have higher bad bacteria count than you have good bacteria, you’re likely to fall sick because your immune system is weakened. How about we jump straight into the benefits of probiotics?

Balances Good Bacteria Levels

Probiotics can be used to help strengthen the digestive system of those severely ill. Probiotics can be used to restore natural gut bacteria (good) which in turn, helps balance the bad or harmful bacteria in the body.

Save From Diarrhea

Diarrhea usually happens due to the side effect of antibiotics. Probiotics are used to reduce the chances of antibiotic-associated diseases. Effectiveness and recovery time depends on  the dose of probiotics that one takes.

Improve Mental Capabilities

Scientist experimented and then tested the effect of probiotics on 40 patients that were suffering from severe depression. They found out that probiotics may be helpful in breaking out of depression with time.

Improve Heart Conditions

Probiotics are used to keep LDL levels at a minimum. They also control the cholesterol level in in our bodies which ultimately reduces the chances of heart attacks and other heart related diseases.

Prevents Specific Allergies

Probiotics are used to treat allergies in kids and adults alike. A study showed that women who take probiotics during their pregnancy have fewer chances of developing allergies in their children during the first two years after their birth.

Reduces Digestive Disorders

Data shows that almost one million people in the US suffer from bowel related inflammatory diseases every year. The best remedy, according to experts are probiotics.

Boosts Immune System

Probiotics are used to boost the immune system. An agile immune system reduces the growth and development of deadly bacteria. Probiotics can be used to keep the natural antibodies at a balanced level in the body which may also be a great source of boosting up the immune cells. For example, IgA-producing cells and T lymphocytes belong to the immune cells. It also reduces the severity of problems encountered during respiratory infections.

Lose Body Weight

Probiotics can help you trim some inches off your waist and help you lose weight. Some probiotics help suppress your appetite and this leads to weight loss. With you not craving junk food, you can be confident that those pounds will be falling off in no time. Some probiotics may help you burn more calories and stored fat.